Ken Huff Builders

Building Process

There are two options for  completing your construction project.  Ken Huff Builders can act as a one-stop shop and provide both the design and construction services, or we can construct your project based on your architect's construction documents.  These options are outlined in more detail below:

Option 1: One-Stop Shop

Ken Huff Builders, Inc., offers a full service construction management process which will help you with everything from conception to completion. Communication and coordination is the key and we are here for you and your home.

On-Site Management will provide you with continual updates while supervising the construction of your home, permits, subcontractors, change order processing and on-going cost analysis to help keep you within budget.

1. Orientation
2. Purchasing Land
3. Land Survey
4. Bank Loans
5. Architectural Design
6. Interior Design
7. Landscape Design
8. Cost Analysis
9. Scheduling & Communication

1. On-Site Management
2. Excavation
3. Foundation
4. Framing
5. Masonry
6. Electrical & Plumbing
8. Painting
9. Roofing
10. Landscaping
11. Clean-Up 

1. New Home Orientation – Features & Maintenance Requirements
2. “Punch List” – Final details which need attention
3. 1 Year Full Warranty


Option 2: Build to Suit

You have already acquired an architect and completed the design process. We have been chosen to build your home or addition.

We will have an orientation to discuss your project, budget and develop a schedule. As outlined above, the Construction and Post-Construction processes will remain the same.

Rest assured that when you contract with Ken Huff Builders, your construction project will be handled with the highest levels of professionalism from orientation through project completion.



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